Results of Logan Paul vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday

Logan Paul vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens took place at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, the 2024 Hall of Fame inductees appeared on the stage.

* Logan posed on top of a PRIME truck for his entrance.

* As Owens was heading to the ring, he ran into Sami Zayn. Zayn showed off the Intercontinental title and said “it’s your turn now.” Owens then rode down to the ring in a golf cart. Owens backed the cart up and gave Orton a ride to the ring.

* Logan tried to escape when the match started but was caught and double teamed. Orton and Owens took turns slamming Logan on the announce table. Logan pushed Owens into Orton but they kept working together. However, things changed when they both went for a cover at the same time. Orton went for an RKO but Owens pushed him away. The crowd chanted “you fucked up” at Orton and the two started fighting. Logan took advantage and gained the upper hand. The crowd chanted “gatorade” at Logan.

* The match remained competitive with all three men getting in offense. Owens hit a moonsault to Logan but Logan kicked out. Orton came in with an RKO to Owens but Owens kicked out. Logan hit Orton with a pair of brass knuckles but Orton kicked out. Logan used the brass knuckles on Owens and tried to hit Orton again but was hit with an RKO.

* Orton opted to not use the brass knuckles and went for a punt instead. However, streamer “IShowSpeed” pulled out Logan while wearing a PRIME costume. Orton ended up giving IShowSpeed an RKO on the table.

* Back in the ring, Owens hit a stunner to Orton but Orton kicked out. Orton countered Owens’ popup powerbomb with an RKO but Logan sent Orton out of the ring. Logan then pinned Owens with a frogsplash.