Results of Gunther vs. Randy Orton at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024

Gunther vs. Randy Orton in the King of the Ring tournament final took place at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024. Here are the highlights…

* The two had a feeling out process to start the match and there were loud “RKO” chants. Gunther started delivering chops and that got Orton fired up. Gunther was able to avoid an early RKO attempt. Gunther started targeting the back of Orton with stomps.

* Gunther worked over Orton for a few minutes. Even with his back hurting, Orton managed to suplex Gunther. Orton started selling his knee and Gunther was able to regain control.

* Orton managed to make a comeback and went for the RKO but Gunther blocked it. Gunther came off the top rope with a splash but Orton kicked out. Gunther went for another one but missed and Orton hit an RKO. However, Orton couldn’t make the cover immediately and Gunther rolled to the outside. Orton slammed Gunther on the announce table repeatedly but and got Gunther back into the ring.

* Gunther regained control by going after Orton’s knee again. Gunther applied a half crab submission but escaped and hit another RKO but Gunther kicked out and hit Orton’s knee in the process. Orton reacted and Gunther rolled up Orton to score the pinfall victory. It was noted in the replay that one of Orton’s shoulders were up.

* After the match, Triple H presented Gunther with the crown. Gunther vowed to win the world title at Summerslam. Pyro went off as Gunther held up his crown.