Results of Lyra Valkyra vs. Nia Jax at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024

Lyra Valkyra vs. Nia Jax in the Queen of the Ring tournament final took place at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024. Here are the highlights…

* Lyra was wearing raven wings for her entrance.

* Lyra sent Nia to the outside in the early moments. Lyra’s momentum was short-lived when she was sent into the apron by Nia. Lyra tried to apply a sleeper hold but Nia had too much power. Lyra tried to fight back but Nia took her down with a Samoan drop.

* Nia went for the annihilator but Lyra moved to the apron. Nia attempted the move anyway but missed and hit the apron. Lyra built up momentum and hit a tornado DDT but Nia kicked out.

* Nia tried another annihilator but Lyra avoided it. Lyra came off the top with a legdrop but Nia kicked out again. Lyra tried to lift Nia but couldn’t do it. Nia went for an avalanche Samoan drop but Lyra slipped out and went for a powerbomb. However, Lyra didn’t have enough strength and Nia turned it into an annihilator to score the victory.

* Triple H presented Nia with the crown after the match and they hugged. Triple H put the crown on her head. Nia Jax cut a promo and vowed to become WWE women’s champion at Summerslam.