Results of Edge vs. Finn Balor from WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Edge vs. Finn Balor in an “I quit” match took place at WWE Extreme Rules 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Balor wore a black mask to the ring for his entrance. Edge took it to Balor right off the bat and the referee asked if Balor wanted to quit but Balor said no. Balor gained control as he targeted the knee of Edge.

* The two fought on the outside of the ring. Balor slammed Edge’s head into the announce table repeatedly but Edge would not quit. Edge regained control when he drove Balor through the ringside barricade. Balor tried to escape through the crowd but Edge caught up with him. Edge suplexed Balor on the concrete floor but Balor said he would never quit.

* Edge grabbed a hockey stick and used it while applying a crossface on the Kickoff panel desk. Balor managed to escape the fight continued in the stands. The two eventually ended up back in the ring.

* Balor put on a crossface but Edge was able to escape and send Balor into a chair that was placed in the corner of the ring. Edge was on the verge of winning when Judgment Day showed up. However, Edge was able to spear Balor off the apron onto members of Damian Priest and Dominik.

* Edge was going for the spear when Rhea Ripley handcuffed Edge to the top rope. Edge tried to fight everyone but was quickly overwhelmed. Balor repeatedly hit Edge with a kendo stick but then Rey Mysterio arrived with a chair. Rey cleaned house but then Dominik took a cheap shot at his father. Balor continued to use the kendo stick on Edge but Beth Phoenix made the save and attacked Balor with the kendo stick.

* Rhea Ripley got into the ring and started to brawl with Beth. Beth speared Ripley out of the ring and then got the key to unlock Edge from the handcuffs. Edge hit the spear to Priest and turned his attention to Dominik. Dominik went for a handshake which Edge gave but then gave Dominik a low blow.

* Balor tried to attack Edge but was hit with a spear. Edge hit more spears and then took the bar from a steel chair to use on Balor. However, Ripley knocked out Beth with brass knuckles. Balor hit the coup de grace multiple times to Edge. Balor told Edge to quit but Edge told him to “go to hell.” Ripley threatened to give Beth a conchairto and that’s when Edge finally said “I quit.” Ripley ended up giving Beth the conchairto anyway.