Results of Bianca Belair vs. Bayley from WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley in a ladder match for the RAW women’s title took place at WWE Extreme Rules 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Bayley was by herself without Damage CTRL.

* The two collided early and both rolled to the outside. Each grabbed a ladder and set one up in the ring but neither were able to climb.

* The match went back and forth as the crowd started a dueling chant. Bayley gave Bianca a sunset flip powerbomb into a ladder than was set up in the corner to gain the upper hand. Bayley continued to use the ladder as a weapon. Bayley laid Bianca on a ladder bridge outside of the ring and hit Bianca with a flying elbow from the apron.

* Bayley took a piece of her knee brace but that allowed Bianca to hit the KOD. Bianca was about to win when Damage CTRL showed up and knocked Bianca off the ladder. Bianca managed to fight them off the hit both with a KOD at the same time.

* Bayley regained control and hit the rose plant. Bayley trapped Bianca under the ladder and then climbed up. However, Bianca was able to power out which sent Bayley into the ropes.

* Both climbed up the ladder and Bianca used her braid to knock Bayley off. Bianca gave Bayley a KOD on the ladder and the climbed up another ladder. Bianca then grabbed the women’s title to retain her title.