Results of Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins from WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Matt Riddle vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins in a fight pit match with Daniel Cormier as the special guest referee took place at WWE Extreme Rules 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Rollins mocked Rob Van Dam’s taunt during his entrance and Corey Graves called him “The Whole Freakin’ Show.” The two had a feeling out process in the early moments. Riddle bounced off the cage wall and took down Rollins with a kick.

* Cormier was touched by Riddle and the two had words which allowed Rollins to gain the upper hand. Rollins also ended up exchanging words with Cormier but continued his offense on Riddle. Rollins came off the cage wall with a frogsplash to Riddle.

* Riddle went for an RKO but Rollins was able to avoid it and hit a curb stomp. Cormier started a 10 count but Riddle got to his feet. Rollins climbed to the upper platform and taunted Riddle. Riddle climbed up after Rollins and Rollins tried to knock Riddle off the platform but Riddle was able to apply a rear naked choke. Rollins escaped and gave Riddle a powerbomb into the cage wall.

* The fight continued on the platform and Rollins gave Riddle a pedigree. Since they were both on top, Cormier was not counting out Riddle and Rollins was angry. Riddle managed to hit an RKO and Rollins fell down to the ring. Riddle then came off the top of the platform with a floating bro (senton) onto Rollins.

* Riddle applied a triangle submission to Rollins. Rollins tried to escape but couldn’t and tapped out.