Results of Chris Jericho and Golden Lovers vs. Don Callis Family at AEW WrestleDream 2023

Chris Jericho and The Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi) vs. The Don Callis Family (Sammy Guevara, Konosuke Takeshita, and Will Ospreay) took place at AEW WrestleDream 2023. Here are the highlights…

* The crowd chanted “f*ck you Callis” before the match started. Omega and Ospreay started the match. Guevera tagged in and then Jericho tagged in to get a piece of his former friend. Guevara quickly tagged back out to Ospreay. Everyone ended up in the ring and a brawl erupted. Jericho, Omega, and Ibushi came over the top with dives at the same time.

* Order was restored and Callis’ team slowed the pace down. Callis was getting involved from the outside of the ring to help his team.

* Jericho got a hot tag and delivered offense to Guevara. Ibushi tagged in and did Guevara’s old taunt with Jericho. Guevara was also double teamed by Ibushi and Omega. Jericho tagged back in but couldn’t finish off Guevara. Things broke down and Guevara hit a top rope shooting star press to Omega on the outside.

* Back in the ring, Omega and Ospreay went at it. Takeshita hit a powerdrive knee to Omega and then Jericho was triple teamed. Guevara hit a codebreaker to Jericho but Jericho kicked out at one. Jericho was still in trouble but Ibushi came to his aid. Ibushi and Takshita traded shots and then Omega got back into the mix.

* It was down to Jericho and Guevara in the ring. Ospreay took the Judas effect for Guevara and the referee was distracted when Jericho tried to pin Guevara. Callis hit Jericho with a baseball bat and Guevara pinned Jericho.