Results of Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa at AEW Revolution 2022

AEW Women’s Title
Britt Baker (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

* Baker came down to the ring with a new women’s title belt. The match began with dueling chants for both competitors.

* Jamie Hayter attacked Rosa while the referee was distracted. Baker worked over Rosa for a while and eventually Rosa was able to make a comeback. However, Baker stopped the momentum and hit an Air Raid Crush but Rosa kicked out.

* Baker got her glove on for the lockjaw but that gave Rosa time to recover. The two traded nearfalls and then Rosa went to the top but Baker caught her with an avalanche air raid crash. However, Rosa kicked out.

* Rosa hit a tombstone but Rebel got on the ring apron. Baker got the women’s title and used it to give Rosa a curb stomp but Rosa kicked out again. Baker got the lockjaw submission on but Rosa countered to her own submission. Rebel got on the apron again and Baker tapped out when the referee wasn’t looking. Rosa hit a dive to Rebel and took out Hayter. Rosa got back in the ring but was caught with a curb stomp and Baker scored the pinfall victory.