Results of Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution 2022

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

* The two had a feeling out process in the opening moments as the crowd did a “we want violence” chant. Moxley slapped Bryan and Bryan slapped him back. Moxley gave Bryan a free shot and the two traded blows. Bryan got the upper hand and started doing jumping jacks. Bryan started targeting the ribs of Moxley.

* Bryan went for a flying headbutt but missed. Bryan was able to keep the advantage and started trash talking. The fight spilled out the floor and both were busted open from their heads butting.

* Bryan hit a back suplex off the top but Moxley kicked out and then the two exchanged submissions. Bryan hit the running knee but Moxley kicked out again.

* Danielson put on a triangle submission but Moxley countered it into the pin and won the match. Danielson was angry about the decision and the fight continued afterwards. Security ran down to break them up. William Regal then showed up and the fighting stopped. The crowd chanted “holy shit” as Regal kept them apart. Moxley wanted to keep fighting and Regal slapped him. Regal slapped Bryan as well. The crowd chanted “yes” as Moxley and Bryan shook hands.