Results of CM Punk vs. MJF at AEW Revolution 2022

Dog Collar Match
CM Punk vs. MJF

* MJF used CM Punk’s music for the start of his entrance. CM Punk ended up coming to the ring with his ROH music and ring gear.

* In the early moments, Punk used the ring post for leverage with the chain. MJF gained the upper hand and started hitting Punk in the head with the chain. Punk was quickly busted open. MJF yelled “give me the f*cking mic” and then told Punk to quit. Punk told MJF to “eat shit.”

* Punk gained control and worked over MJF’s hand. Punk tried to hit the GTS but MJF grabbed at Punk’s wound. MJF put a sleeper on but Punk was able to break out. MJF was selling his hand but managed to get the Salt of the Earth submission on. Punk countered to the Anaconda Vice but MJF got out by pulling the hair.

* Punk busted open MJF and there was a “you deserve it” chant directed at MJF. The two were on the outside of the ring and Punk went for a shining wizard but missed and hit the steel steps. Back in the ring, Punk tried to hit the GTS but collapsed. MJF targeted the knee with the chain. MJF tried to hit a tombstone on the apron but CM Punk reversed and hit the move onto MJF.

* Back in the ring, Punk with for a flying elbow but missed. MJF brought thumb tacks into the ring. MJF ended up giving Punk a superplex onto the tacks. MJF called out Wardlow to the ring. MJF asked for the ring but Wardlow didn’t have it. Punk then hit the GTS and MJF fell onto the tacks. Wardlow revealed that he did have the ring after all and placed it into the ring.

* Punk put on the ring, flipped off MJF, and hit him with the ring. Punk then pinned MJF to win the match.