Results of Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan at WWE Day 1 2022 PPV

RAW Women’s Title
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan

* Liv had the early momentum and put on a Rings of Saturn submission but Becky was able to escape to the outside. Becky went to the top rope but Liv slammed her to the mat. Becky recovered and launched Liv into the bottom rope to gain control.

* Liv made a comeback and hit a missile dropkick but Becky kicked out. Becky went for an armbar but Liv countered. Liv hit a sunset flip powerbomb but Becky kicked out again.

* Becky missed a legdrop and Liv hit another dropkick but Becky rolled to the outside of the ring. Liv hit a dive to Becky and rolled her back into the ring. Becky quickly escaped to the outside again. Becky slammed Liv into the announce table and Liv barely beat the referee’s 10 count. The two ended up on the outside again and Liv stomped Becky’s arm on the steps.

* Back in the ring, Liv got the Rings of Saturn on again but Becky escaped. Becky then countered Oblivion and hit the Manhandle Slam to retain her title.