Results of Big E vs. Lesnar vs. Rolllins vs. Owens vs. Lashley at WWE Day 1 2022 PPV

WWE Title
Big E (c) vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley

* Lesnar was the last person to make his entrance following WWE Champion Big E. Owens and Rollins went right after Lesnar but he quickly gained control and took them to Suplex City. Big E came into the ring and clotheslined Lesnar out of the ring. Lashley then speared Lesnar through the barricade.

* Rollins and Owens worked together against the other three guys. Big E slammed Lashley through the announce table and then Rollins/Owens double teamed Big E. Rollins and Owens kept trying to put away Big E but couldn’t finish him off.

* Lesnar came back into the ring and hit multiple F5s but was then caught with a spear from Lashley. However, Lesnar kicked out. Lashley put on the Hurt Lock but Big E broke it up. Big E hit the Big Ending to Lashley but then got with an F5 by Lesnar. Lesnar pinned Big E to win the title.