Results of Edge vs. The Miz at WWE Day 1 2022 PPV

Edge vs. The Miz

* Similar to Summerslam, the first half of Edge’s entrance paid tribute to Gangrel and The Brood.

* Edge tried to put the Crossface on early but Miz was able to escape. Maryse distracted Edge and Miz sent Edge into the ringpost. The two fought on the outside of the ring and Miz slammed Edge’s face into the announce table repeatedly. Miz attempted a skull crushing finale through the table but Edge was able to countered and slammed Miz onto the table.

* Edge was selling his leg and Miz took advantage by putting on the figure four leglock. Edge was able to reverse the hold but Miz escaped.

* Miz tried to win with his feet on the ropes but the referee caught him. Edge managed to get the crossface on but Maryse pulled Miz’s foot onto the rope.

* Edge and Miz took each other down with big boots. Miz went to the top rope but Edge caught him and tossed him down to the mat.

* When the referee wasn’t looking, Maryse slapped Edge and Miz hit the skull crushing finale. However, Edge was able to kick out. Beth Phoenix arrived and chased after Maryse. Edge then hit the spear and pinned Miz.