Report on why Becky Lynch vs. Bayley’s scheduled steel cage match didn’t take place

As seen during WWE RAW’s 30th anniversary, the scheduled Becky Lynch vs. Bayley steel cage match never took place and instead there was an angle where Damage CTRL attacked Becky.

According to Fightful Select, the match and entrances were supposed to get two segments but The Bloodline’s segment went longer than expected and an audible had to be called. The site noted the following…

“We’re told this affected the Bayley vs. Becky Lynch cage match the most, and they either could work an angle to set up to a full on match, or end up doing a cage match that lasted a minute or two. The end result was the angle that we saw.”

Mike Johnson of noted that “the original plan was for Becky to win and then be beaten down by Damage CTRL.”