The Bella Twins call out WWE’s 30th anniversary of RAW special and bring up Mercedes Mone

The Bella Twins did not appear during the 30th anniversary of WWE RAW as originally advertised. According to Mike Johnson of, Nikki and Brie Bella flew to the Northeast over the weekend but ended up attending a performance of Wicked on Broadway in New York instead of appearing on RAW. Johnson noted that “it appears that the two sides may have had a disagreement on how their planned appearance was going to go, so The Bellas ended up not going to RAW in Philly.” While the Bellas were included in advertising during the January 16th 2023 edition of RAW, they were not shown in the graphic that aired during the January 20th edition of Smackdown.

In a video published to their Instagram account, the Bellas questioned why more footage wasn’t shown of the women’s evolution during RAW. Nikki suggested that it was because “Mercedes [Sasha Banks] is too over and we [WWE] can’t say her name.” Brie added, “There’s a bunch of us they don’t want to show. That’s fine.”

Saraya was also mentioned in the video and she wrote, “I love me some @BellaTwins they’re my girls right there!”