Renewed speculation about Bray Wyatt’s faction following the 2/24/23 edition of WWE Smackdown

In late 2022, there were several names rumored to be part of a “Wyatt 6” faction in WWE with Bray Wyatt. Speculation about the faction was renewed during the February 24th 2023 edition of Smackdown.

During the Firefly Funhouse segment, there was a voiceover that said “welcome everyone to America’s favorite game show, Can You Keep A Secret!” Fans on social media have speculated that the voice belongs to former WWE star Eric Young. As previously noted, it’s believed that Young will be returning to WWE.

Alexa Bliss’ box from when she was aligned with Wyatt could be seen during the Firefly Funhouse segment. There were also what appeared to be female hands (possibly Alexa’s) playing with action figures.