Belief that WWE will be “going hard” to sign several AEW stars over the next year

It was previously reported that WWE is interested in signing Kenny Omega away from AEW once his contract expires. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed the possibility of several AEW stars jumping to WWE over the next year…

“A lot of key [AEW] deals are gonna be up this year, and WWE is gonna go hard at everyone good. Also, there’s gonna be a lot of WWE deals up and [Tony Khan] need to make the product, and the perception of the product, attractive enough where guys on the other side go, ‘they’re solid, they have an easier schedule, they’re financially stable, they’re doing good … but right now I don’t think the perception of WWE talent is to go there. So, that’s the key thing is perception for WWE talent is like ‘hey, it’s a fresh coat of paint for me, and I’m in the middle.’ It’s gotta be the right guys for AEW.”

“If Cody [Rhodes] had not gotten over, then they would have said, ‘hey, these AEW guys don’t get over,’ but that didn’t happen either. So, but it’s not, you know, Tony Khan losing Kenny Omega, to me from a perception standpoint would be really, really bad, so I would say that Kenny Omega is in a very good position. I’m not saying today, but whenever that day is, 9 months down the line. Again, we don’t know what’s gonna happen with the TV deal, it may not be negotiated until next year.” (quotes courtesy of