News (possible spoilers) regarding Bray Wyatt’s creative direction in WWE

As previously noted, there has been talk of a “Wyatt 6” faction being formed with wrestlers playing the roles of Firefly Funhouse members.

Fightful Select had some additional details about Bray Wyatt’s creative direction in WWE…

“Bray Wyatt is set to be a focal point of Smackdown. We’re told the mask that they’re bringing in for him to use is called an ‘uncle Howdy’ mask internally. There are also plans to have the abandoned Firefly Funhouse set aesthetic.”

On October 8th, WWE filed trademarks last week for the terms “UNCLE HOWDY” and “UNCLE HARPER” with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). UNCLE HARPER is seemingly a reference to the late Luke Harper/Brodie Lee.