MJF makes his return to AEW at the 2024 Double or Nothing PPV event

After Roderick Strong lost the International title to Will Ospreay at the 2024 AEW Double or Nothing PPV, Adam Cole came down to the ring for a promo. Cole said he should be at home rehabbing and said he’s tired of being disrespected. Cole held up the Devil’s mask but then the lights went out. A video package aired and then MJF made his appearance in the arena.

MJF and Cole hugged but then MJF gave Cole a low blow. MJF then dropped Cole with a brainbuster. MJF cut a promo and told someone to get the “shit stain” Cole out of the ring. MJF said that Cole didn’t take him out but rather woke him up. MJF stated he didn’t need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon to make him – MJF made MJF. MJF said he is now driven by hate and nobody is safe. MJF stomped on the devil mask and gave it an elbow drop.

MJF finished his promo by showing off an AEW tattoo with the phrase “bet on yourself.” MJF said “he’s not f*cking leaving.”

It was previously reported that MJF was seen traveling from New York to Phoenix, AZ.