Details regarding Mercedes Mone’s working relationship with her promo writer Jennifer Pepperman

During an interview with, Mercedes Mone discussed her working relationship with promo writer Jennifer Pepperman in WWE and AEW…

“Not to say bad things about WWE, but to have writers before who just did not hear my voice, had no idea how to write for my voice, was so hard for many many years and I never really got to have promos until Jennifer came to WWE. I remember her handing me a promo and I almost cried because I finally had a writer who heard my voice and gave me words that fit my character and ever since then me and her were just like peanut butter and jelly.”

“I work with Jennifer fairly closely so we go back and forth with what to say. It’s not people handing out scripts saying, ‘Hey, say this.’ It’s really coming from the heart. She’s really helped me find my voice. And I think that’s what makes AEW so cool, it’s that the wrestlers can go to the writers that we do have here and speak from the heart and work with him and figure out what they want to say with their characters.”

Pepperman left her WWE role as senior writer/producer and joined AEW as vice president of content development earlier this year.