Podcast host calls out The Rock for being “completely disrespectful” to WWE and Cody Rhodes

It was previously reported that Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes is said to be a long-term direction for WWE and a rematch at Wrestlemania 40 is a strong possibility. With The Rock returning to WWE television, there is renewed speculation in Rock having a match against Reigns at Wrestlemania.

During Busted Open Radio earlier this week, host Dave LaGreca addressed Rock’s tease on The Pat McAfee Show

“Why, why in God’s name would The Rock make the comments that he made on Pat McAfee’s show? The match between The Rock and Roman didn’t happen at WrestleMania 39, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen. But why mention that? Why say that? Because that just kills what we did see at WrestleMania 39 … Excuse me Rock, but it’s not all about you, Mr. Movie Star. They actually built a story that the fans are invested in, and they actually have somebody that they love in Cody Rhodes.”

“I’m sorry guys … I think The Rock spread open his cheeks and s**t all over it. Why? Because he said the match was supposed to be his at WrestleMania 39, and who knows, maybe it can happen at WrestleMania 40. I’m sorry Rock, but in my eyes, The Rock was completely disrespectful to the business of the WWE and completely disrespectful to Cody Rhodes. I’m saying it now. You’re disrespectful of the WWE, by what you said on Pat McAfee’s show, and you’re disrespectful to Cody, that I’m a fan of, and millions of people are fans of! The business didn’t happen, get over it, move on!” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)