Pat McAfee’s reaction to Adam Cole signing with AEW

Pat McAfee, who recently tested negative for Covid-19 after being sick with the virus, gave his reaction to Adam Cole signing with AEW. Here is what McAfee had to say about Cole during a recent edition of The Pat McAfee Show while in character…

“We are gonna talk about Bay Bay later, that was quite a big moment last night. You know, he’s a piece of s**t, that guy. I mean congrats to him and that is a pretty big deal, but f**k that guy. I can’t take this guy. You know dude, like he’s terrible scumbag as*hole. Can’t say it enough, proved it again last night. Just can’t help it, it oozes from his body. You stand too close to him for too long he’s like… when I had to, for 20-some minutes, first time, no crowd, no big deal. When I went out there, you’re worried that the scum is gonna osmosis through.”

“That was a pretty fu**ing big moment. Now, with that being said, What a terrible guy, congrats though. It was really fu**ing cool to see, and it was great to hear [does the “Adam Cole Bay Bay” pose] that fu**er was loud.” (quotes courtesy of