WWE and AEW reportedly have no plans to sign Tessa Blanchard

There has been speculation in recent months about Tessa Blanchard possible being signed by WWE or AEW.

In a new report from Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net, there are said to be no plans for Tessa to sign with either company. Haynes noted the following…

“I was told that the only major American company that has been in talks with her since leaving Impact was the NWA.”

Cassidy added that a source told him “she’s nuclear. Nobody wants near her.”

According to several people in attendance at the 2021 AEW All Out PPV, there were light “We want Tessa” chants but they were drowned out by “No we don’t” chants.

Speculation about Tessa signing with a major promotion was recently fueled when she posted the following photo on social media…