Another possible clue that Kevin Owens will sign with AEW when his WWE contract is up

As previously noted, Kevin Owens’ WWE contract reportedly expires in January 2022 which is sooner than was initially believed.

According to Pat Laprade, Owens’ contract was restructured prior to the Covid-19 pandemic in the wake of both WWE’s FOX debut as well as new contracts with both FOX and NBC Universal.

“Kevin Owens” quickly became a trending topic on Twitter after the news broke with fans speculating about him joining AEW when his WWE contract is up. A screenshot of an apparent deleted tweet from Kevin Owens went viral on Tuesday. The deleted tweet consisted of coordinates for the Mount Rushmore landmark. The name Mount Rushmore was also a faction that included Owens, Adam Cole and the Young Bucks.

In another potential clue about his future, Owens put “almost there” as his location on Twitter while The Young Bucks’ account put “there” as the location.