News regarding how wrestlers in AEW are reacting to the MJF angle with Tony Khan

As seen during the June 1st 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, MJF cut a promo about the situation between himself and President Tony Khan. MJF claimed that Khan has been hoarding money to sign former WWE stars that can’t lace his boots and he also called Khan “a f*cking mark.”

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of noted that there have been mixed reactions to MJF’s angle with Khan. According to Meltzer, there are wrestlers that believe it has been a work from the start and aren’t bothered by it. There are said to be others that aren’t happy about the situation with Meltzer writing the following…

“One noted being very unhappy about it believing that playing games with talent and keeping executives in the dark on key issues was something they had hoped this company would never do, and one called it a sloppy work that in the long run will benefit nobody.”

In regards to MJF no-showing the Fan Fest on Saturday, many were reportedly asking about what was happening but nobody was getting answers. Meltzer wrote the following about the story that a plane ticket was purchased for MJF out of Las Vegas that evening…

“The one thing that is clear is that even if he had purchased a ticket and got that story out, and then quickly canceled that ticket, that part of the story was a work that was made sure to get out.”

Meltzer also mentioned that a source close to the situation indicated on Saturday night that they knew MJF would be competing in the opening match at the Double or Nothing PPV.