New details from The Elite’s side of their altercation with CM Punk and Ace Steel

As previously noted, there was reportedly a physical altercation between members of The Elite and CM Punk after the 2022 AEW Out PPV event when The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega “stormed into” CM Punk’s locker room.

Details from Punk and Ace Steel’s side emerged and now there are details from The Elite’s side. Via Fightful Select, the following was said in regards to the story that The Young Bucks “kicked the door down” of CM Punk’s locker room…

“The claim was that they opened the door — not kicking it in as claimed by the other side — and before Matt Jackson could say anything, Punk had went off and started throwing sucker punches at Matt’s head. Nick went to intervene, and Ace Steel allegedly threw a chair and hit Nick in the face.”

The following was also said in regards to the story that Ace Steel threw a chair at Kenny Omega and bit him

“The Kenny Omega involvement was said to be him trying to remove Larry [CM Punk’s dog] from the situation to help keep him safe because he was barking and going nuts. Their side of the story says that once he handed Larry off, he tried to get Ace Steel off Nick Jackson, and Ace Steel bit Omega and pulled his hair.”

All parties apparently kept shouting and Punk reportedly threatened legal action against The Elite.