New details from CM Punk and Ace Steel’s side of their altercation with The Elite

As previously noted, there was reportedly a physical altercation between members of The Elite and CM Punk after the 2022 AEW Out PPV event when The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega “stormed into” CM Punk’s locker room.

Fightful Select was able to obtain new details from those close to the Punk and Ace Steel side. The Young Bucks were said to have approached Punk’s locker room and when he didn’t answer the door, they pounded the door and then allegedly “kicked the door down.”

In regards to the claim that Ace Steel threw a chair at Kenny Omega and bit him, Steel apparently told people that he acted the way he did because his wife was in the room and he was looking out for her above anything else.

Fightful noted the following…

“From what we heard, Omega didn’t seem nearly as upset initially, but things got out of hand and he ended up being bitten. We’re told the fight was a ‘very long’ altercation, and that the talk back and forth did not stop after the brawl.”

There are rumors that Punk injured his triceps but the belief is that it happened during the match with Jon Moxley and he was already hurt by the time the altercation happened.

There is still no official word regarding Punk’s status with AEW but there are rumors that he could be end up being gone from the company.