Multiple AEW personalities shoot down claims made about the women’s locker room

As previously noted, Independent wrestler LuFisto has made several claims about the AEW women’s division. Following her public comments, multiple AEW personalities have issued responses including MJF. Here are some of the replies…

Saraya: “The narrative going around is very disheartening considering someone says they want the best for women’s wrestling but buries it in a number of tweets.. I will say being in this company close to a year, my favourite part is being with the girls in the lockerroom. They uplift, support and laugh with eachother every week and only want the best for one another. We hype eachother up, we buy eachother wrestling gear sometimes just as a little surprise, we text eachother daily and we are there as a shoulder too. This is one of the best lockerrooms I’ve been in and I refuse to let people twist it to be otherwise. Love you all ❤️.”

Renee Paquette: “We have an incredible women’s division that all look out for and support each other. I’ve never seen it be anything other than a safe space for a bunch of kick ass women that all want to see each other and all of @aew shine to their full potential. Women hating women is a real dusty take. 😮‍💨”

Taya Valkyrie: “This narrative that all the AEW women hate each other is quite frankly annoying. I’ve been there for 5 mths & every1, from the 2nd I walked in that building, has been nothing but supportive, hyping each other up & bad ass. Stop pinning women against each other it’s getting old.”

Tay Melo: “I’m pregnant and going to see a High Risk doctor, I’m going through a lot and going to AEW makes me happy. The whole locker room makes me feel loved, they listen to me, they support me. Last wed Ruby gave me a big hug and told me how proud she is and reminded me how strong I’m!”