LuFisto: “Good that everybody at AEW got the memo to write as much sh*t on me as possible”

As previously noted, Independent wrestler LuFisto has made several claims about the AEW women’s division. Following her public comments, multiple AEW personalities have issued responses MJF and Saraya.

LuFisto issued a new statement via Twitter in regards to people in AEW shooting down her claims…

“Good that everybody at AEW got the memo to write as much shit on me as possible so I can be in seen as a waste of a human being not worth livin, even people who never had a single conversation with me.

Even better to see people I never did anything wrong being so desperate your hate towards me will get you to finally fucking work together for the best of women’s wrestling, now that problems have been called out.

So many are miserable, frustrated and will whisper their anger, but never will stand and speak up.

I wanted to leave this world knowing women’s wrestling was better. It was for a while, but not anymore. The sad part is that you accept it without saying a word.

It is what it is.

What a waste.”