MJF issues statement in response to claims made about the AEW women’s division

As previously noted, Independent wrestler LuFisto has made several claims about the AEW women’s division. Following her public comments, multiple AEW personalities have issued responses including MJF…

“If you listen to miserable people who never made it in this sport that’s not exactly the brightest thing to do.

Use your brain.

If someone’s been in professional wrestling for over a decade and you find them to be talented but they’ve never truly ‘panned out’ there’s a reason for it.

1. Lack of talent.

2. Difficulty to work with.

3. Delusional

Just to name a few.

People love to talk ill of companies and will say things like ‘I’m the only person who’s brave enough to speak up.’ When in reality the only reason you’re spewing bullshit is because you are aware deep down you aren’t going to make it so what’s the harm in spewing reckless lies and trying to hurt hard working talented people on your way down to obscurity.

We have an amazing women’s locker room.

Sorry not sorry.”