Location for WWE Wrestlemania 43 in 2027 appears to have already been locked in

In November of 2022, it was reported by Tennessean.com that Nashville, TN could up being the location for Wrestlemania 43 in 2027 if a proposed enclosed stadium is built in the next five years. In an update, Tennessee Titans president and CEO Burke Nihill did an interview with 104.5 The Zone and said “Wrestlemania isn’t hypothetical, by the way. Wrestlemania has already committed to 2027.”

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted the following regarding the plans…

“The 2027 Wrestlemania is officially in Nashville at what will be a new stadium that opens that year. The idea is that Mania would be the first or one of the first big events at the stadium even before the Titans start playing there a few months later.”