Location for WWE Wrestlemania 43 in 2027 already being discussed

In recent years, WWE has been announcing Wrestlemania locations further out in advance as more cities are biding to host the event. Tennessean.com reports that Nashville, TN could up being the location for Wrestlemania 43 in 2027 if a proposed enclosed stadium is built in the next five years. Nashville hosted the 2022 WWE Summerslam PLE earlier this year.

Here is an excerpt from the article…

“Butch Spyridon, CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp., had spoken in the past with World Wrestling Entertainment about hosting WrestleMania. When Mayor John Cooper and the Tennessee Titans delivered the draft terms for the enclosed proposed stadium to the Nashville Council in October, those talks ramped up and Spyridon received a verbal commitment from WWE to host the 2027 WrestleMania with the provision the stadium is built.”