LA Knight reflects on being called “an absolute rip off” of The Rock by Kevin Nash in 2023

During the September 8th 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown, LA Knight made a reference to WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash. Knight made fun of Nash’s “look at the adjective – play” promo from WCW in June of 1996. Knight was previously called out by Nash for being “an absolute rip off” of The Rock.

During an appearance on the Gorilla Position podcast, Knight was asked if he has spoken to Nash since the incident…

“No, but I’ve had conversations with his friends about it and they’ve all been like, ‘Ah, don’t listen to this stuff.’ Whatever. What am I going to do, worry about that? In a certain sense, there is one part of me that’s like, if this guy wants to take food off my table, that’s cool. It’s a piece of s*** move, but that’s cool. At the same time, why am I going to bother thinking too much about it?” (quote courtesy of