AEW music composer Mikey Rukus responds to people that want to see Jim Johnston get hired

In a post via Twitter/X, a fan requested to AEW President Tony Khan that the company hire former WWE music composer Jim Johnston to work alongside AEW music composer Mikey Rukus. Rukus replied with “Thanks but no thanks” and then elaborated…

“It’s obvious that logic escapes many of you here so to clarify: Jim is the goat, he built the road. Your favorites never perform forever. I would rather invest my time in a hungry talent bench of younger producers to usher in the next generation after I’m gone. Period.”

“This discourse is brought to my timeline constantly. It’s been 5 yrs. Jim has gone to great lengths to give his opinion. He’s entitled to it. But the one who built the road doesn’t get to tell drivers how to drive. Im picking some people up & we’ll move forward into the future.”

In recent years, Johnston has been critical of the current music that is being produced in WWE and AEW.