Keith Lee explains why he was absent from WWE television for five months

In a video published to YouTube, Keith Lee talked about his five month hiatus from WWE.

Lee started off by mentioning that he missed about three weeks in January due to having Covid-19. Lee said that Mia Yim did not give him Covid but rather she got it from taking care of him and missed a Royal Rumble opportunity as a result.

Lee talked about how he returned for a match against Matt Riddle in February and then got a call that something was off with his blood work. There was concern about his heart and Lee said he was forbidden from doing any kind of workouts other than light walking. Lee said it was a “fight against death” as he got MRIs done and WWE ended up sending him to Pittsburgh, PA to get looked at. There was fear Lee had heart disease but the inflammation in his heart eventually went down. After that, Lee was able to start training again. In regards to getting back in shape, Lee said “that’s where the real struggle begins.”