Jonathan Gresham has reportedly asked for his ROH/AEW release

Jonathan Gresham lost the ROH world title to AEW’s Claudio Castagnoli 2022 Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor PPV

Gresham ended up disabling his Twitter account after the PPV and on Sunday, Sean Ross Sapp of reported the following via Twitter…

“Jonathan Gresham asked for his ROH/AEW release, has learned. There was a conversation that was said to have involved Gresham ‘cussing out’ Tony Khan.”

“There seems to be a lot of lack of communication between talent relations and talent that we’ve heard from. We’ve had stories of Gresham, Marko, Cage, Janela and others not being able to get answers or responses.”

Gresham was said to have felt disrespected due to lack of communication from the company leading up to the PPV. Gresham was also said to be frustrated about the lack of time for his match against Claudio. It’s believed that Gresham could be done with wrestling for the foreseeable future.

Prior to the PPV, Gresham did an interview with and commented on Khan…

“To be honest, I’ve not really talked to him. I don’t know what he thinks about me. I’ve had very short conversations with him, when I say short I mean short. So I dunno. I would hope that he values me, I don’t know though. So we’ll find out in the coming weeks, months I guess.”

Gresham also said the following about being aligned with Tully Blanchard…

“I arrived at TV one day and then I was told that’s what I was doing, then I was like ‘okay’. I don’t know if it was super thought through, I don’t know anything. All I know is that’s what I was told, alright lets make it work.”

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