Johnny Gargano addresses rumors about him ahead of WWE Summerslam 2022

In recent days, there have been speculation about Johnny Gargano returning to WWE now that Triple H has gained control the creative process. With the 2022 WWE Summerslam PLE coming up, Gargano started off a Twitch live stream by addressing the rumors…

“So you guys hear any good rumors lately or what? The comments section is going to be a wild one tonight, I am sure of it. Yeah. Look, I know what to expect, the moderators I’m sure are going to be watching and deleting a lot of things, but I will obviously address the elephant in the room up front. You know the general rule on this channel, and how this thing goes, I talk very openly about professional wrestling, I talk very openly about a lot of things, but if you’re expecting to come here and me to flat out say that ‘I’m coming back here’ or ‘I’m coming back there’, ‘I’m doing this’ or ‘I’m doing that’, that’s not gonna happen. (Laughs) So, to save the moderators some time and effort here, if that is your question, I will answer a lot of questions, ask whatever you want, talk about wrestling, talk about all that good stuff, I have no rules as far as that goes, but if you’re going to ask me the questions that I’m definitely not gonna answer, just save yourself some time, ask me something better than that, and I will happily answer it.”

“I will say, that I am about, I’m pretty much what I would like to call ‘TV lean’, I’m not ‘Takeover lean’ yet, but I am TV lean to where I could show up on television, at any point, and I could be in good shape. I know that’s gonna take a life of itself that I’m saying this, but I’m being honest with you guys. (Laughs) I’m not gonna say that I’m not.” (quotes courtesy of