Finn Balor says he would like “more creative control” over the Demon persona

During an appearance on the Cheap Heat, Finn Balor talked about the status of his Demon persona…

“The Demon definitely has a special relationship with SummerSlam. He’s had some of his most successful nights at SummerSlam. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. There will be no Demon [at WWE SummerSlam]. There will be no Demon in the foreseeable future. Once we kind of finish this story arc with The Judgment Day, we’ll get back on track with the Demon.”

“I would like more creative control over the Demon. A lot more. I would execute it a lot differently if it was given to me to babysit. Working with a company that has so many different levels of management and different departments that need to be kept happy, something you lose is some of that creative license that you have when you’re independent. Obviously, as a perfectionist and something that I created, I would like more control over it, but I understand the limitations when I work for a company like WWE.” (quotes courtesy of