Jim Cornette gives his thoughts on Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega

During his recent podcast, wrestling legend Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on the Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega match from the September 22nd 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite

“And this style of match plays to (Omega’s) strengths, because it’s modern-style with moves. He’s rotten in a fight because he can’t punch and kick, and you don’t believe he’s mad. And he can’t have a WALTER/Ilja style match because he can’t really wrestle as a shoot, and you don’t get the idea of a badass tough guy in any respect from him. But this kind of match, where it’s the more modern-style match and they do the moves but they don’t really actually get evil and fight with each other, this is believable with him.”

“The crowd’s going apes**t, they’re hitting each other with everything. And (Danielson) got (Omega) all the way through the match without doing anything really particularly stupid. And like I said it was the best match I’ve ever seen (Omega) in. Danielson’s tremendous.”

“Danielson paid for himself in that one segment, to me. Because it not only gave their biggest crowd ever and their biggest TV show ever the best 30 minutes of the show ever, but also it showed that, yeah, the other dips**t (Omega) can do it if he’s got somebody to do it with that can lead him and not let him engage in his worst instincts. So bravo, bravo.” (quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)