Impact Wrestling star says he would “absolutely” welcome CM Punk into the company’s locker room

During an interview with, Impact Wrestling’s Josh Alexander was asked if CM Punk would be welcomed into the company’s locker room and here was his response…

“CM Punk? Yeah, absolutely. I don’t think you can question the guy’s star power, his ability to get eyes on a product or a company. I saw Bully Ray recently say the exact same thing. You can say whatever you want [about him], but I wasn’t in those locker rooms seeing what had happened or transpired or the drama of everything that unfortunately occurred since his return, but I know who I am as a professional and an individual in this company and I think I would work synergistically with a guy like CM Punk.

Of course, we’re both Bret Hart fans, so that might help. But I would love the opportunity to get in the ring with him, have a program with him in IMPACT Wrestling or anywhere else.” (quote courtesy of Skylar Russell)