Skye Blue and Rachael Ellering publicly comment on incident with fan at AEW Dynamite/ROH event

As previously noted, Reddit user Wintertime13 wrote that Skye Blue was having a Ring of Honor match against Rachael Ellering after the May 8th 2024 edition of AEW Dynamite when a fan in the first row allegedly began making sexually-charged and harassing comments towards Skye.

Both Skye and Rachael issued statements via Twitter/X about the incident…

Rachael: “I do want to say this: Thank you very much to the rowdy, respectful fans that come out to enjoy the show and support. We really appreciate you! This guy wasn’t a fan. He was a pervert who should be banned from shows for life.”

“The speed in which @RefAubrey and I got out of the ring post match to get this creep kicked out was remarkable. Olympic medalist speeds. I’ve NEVER in my career heard such vulgar things being said to talent during a match. Sexual harassment is not heckling.”


“I’m beyond overwhelmed with all the love and support. Thank you everyone you have no idea how much it’s appreciated 💙. Let’s make sure the future generations of women wrestlers don’t have to deal with this shit.”