Hulk Hogan reportedly comes to the aid of a 17-year-old girl involved in a car accident

According to a report from, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan came to the aid of a 17-year-old girl involved in a car accident. The incident happened on Sunday night in Clearwater, FL and TMZ explained what happened…

“We’re told a car erratically swerved across the lanes to catch an exit it was about to miss — and in the process … clipped another car, which our sources say flipped over and tumbled.

Hulk and co., our sources explain, pulled over immediately — with HH and his pal, Jake, rushing over to render aid to the driver … a woman whom we’re told was rattled. Since they were first on the scene, we’re told Hulk and Jake actually helped get her out of the car. Our sources say Jake popped the woman’s airbag with some tools that Hulk had on hand — and they both unbuckled her seatbelt and assisted her in safely leaving the vehicle. We’re told paramedics eventually arrived on the scene, and Hulk and his crew looked on. In the end, our sources say the woman appeared to be okay … and HH was happy to help.”