Eric Bischoff responds to claim from FTR that he has been “really mad” about AEW not hiring him

As previously noted, FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) were interviewed by Jeff Snyder and they discussed the recent online drama between AEW President Tony Khan and former WCW President Eric Bischoff. Harwood called Bischoff a “miserable podcaster” and Wheeler claimed that Bischoff has been “really mad” about AEW not hiring him.

During his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff responded to FTR…

“I thank the Lord every day that I don’t have have to go to work for a guy like Tony Khan. I stayed supportive of Tony Khan until November two years ago, Tony Khan made an ignorant comment about Ted Turner. Completely ignorant. Tony doesn’t have a f**** clue what went on in WCW and why it’s not around. The only thing he knows is what Dave Meltzer told him. It was disrespectful and ignorant. Once someone disrespects publicly someone I respect, they go on a different list. I don’t care if you’re a trust fund baby who owns a wrestling company. I no longer have any respect for you.”

“That was it, Dax. It wasn’t because I asked for a job and didn’t get one. It wasn’t because I was hoping I would get a job offer and it never came. I wake up everyday grateful that I don’t have to work for someone like Tony Khan. Or, even if I wanted to work for Khan, I’m grateful I don’t have to jump on a plane to do it. Or put up with what has obviously been, the amount of drama that’s taken lace backstage in AEW far surpasses any of the fictional drama that has taken place in the ring, I don’t wanna be a part of that. Now Dax, I understand you have to cause you don’t have options, but I do. If anybody out there listening, if you’re the head of the network, if you’re the head of a movie studio and you want me to come work with you, I have to be able to do it from my home. I’m not traveling unless I want to. So, I don’t want a job from anybody.” (quotes courtesy of