Concern over WWE’s training process due to the number of injuries in recent months

It’s believed that WWE NXT star Cora Jade suffered a torn ACL injury at an event over the weekend. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of commented on how there is concern over WWE’s training process due to the number of injuries in recent months…

“I’ve had people. This was before Cora Jade was hurt, but this was when Sol Ruca went down. And, you know, a couple of the others, Wendi Chu, Nikita Lyons, just telling me that that they were questioning the method of training when it feels like all that… Tegan Nox got two of them. One each leg, I believe. Right? And, you know, just questioning, like, ‘what are they doing in training?’ Because historically, women don’t get torn ACLs left and right, NXT, whatever it is, you know, they train them very, very hard, which is, in theory, a good thing. But not if you’re going to have this, this level of this many injuries. You know what I mean? One of the things was, was I remember even years ago when it came to the NXT stuff, it was like, they would want everyone in this great and great condition. They would train them really hard. And then there’d be all these injuries and it was like, they you got to kind of find that balance to where you’re getting people in condition but not, it doesn’t benefit your conditioning to then have injuries because the injuries take away from your conditioning no matter how hard you train. So you don’t want to over-train the people. And I’m sure that in time, you know, this will all be worked out and figured out because it’s all, you know, this the type of training that they do there with legitimate strength and conditioning coaches and things like that it’s somewhat new for wrestling, I mean, in the sense that it’s more sophisticated training.”

“New Japan does a different kind of training. It’s life and learn and learn and but hopefully, whatever it is, and I mean, obviously in the ring in a match getting hurt in a match is a different thing that can happen at any time. But whatever it is, you know, I mean, it’s more with the women than the guys. A lot of women have been going down with torn ACLs as more than just a fluke coincidence. It feels like.” (quotes courtesy of