How CM Punk was said to have been behaving prior to the 8/17/22 edition of AEW Dynamite

As previously noted, it was said that “nobody knew” CM Punk would call out “Hangman” Adam Page for an AEW world title rematch during the August 17th 2022 edition of Dynamite. There is speculation that CM Punk calling out Page was a “receipt” for something Page said in a promo prior to the 2022 Double or Nothing PPV.

During his podcast on, Wade Keller discussed what he heard about the situation with CM Punk…

“Somebody I talked to today [said] that the wrestlers in general do not feel like it is beyond Tony Khan and others to do another worked-shoot type thing. And he just said [that] he didn’t think that was the case here. But he said just keep that in the back of your mind that even if there is a beef, they might think, ‘hey, let’s amplify this. Let’s turn this into a thing.’ And so he was sort of like, let’s see how things play out once we understand why the Punk-Moxley match was put on early, and all that. Let’s see how this plays out because it might turn out like yeah, there was something there but then they extended and amplified it beyond the point of resolution because they thought it would be believable and create a buzz.”

“I can report that [AEW President] Tony Khan went into Punk’s locker room and spent a decent amount of time with him one on one [Wednesday] afternoon. I can also report that Punk did not seem agitated or distracted or not his usual self right before Dynamite started. It didn’t seem like anything was on his mind or that it was a stressful day or anything like that. He was totally going through the normal motions. So there’s just a couple contextual things there.” (quotes courtesy of