Report on CM Punk calling out Adam Page for a match during AEW Dynamite

AEW world champion CM Punk started off his promo during the August 17th 2022 edition of Dynamite by calling out “Hangman” Adam Page for an AEW world title rematch. CM Punk stated that they could have the match right there on the spot and when Page didn’t appear, CM Punk called it “coward shit” and then said the following…

“A little bit of advice and I suggest you take: The apology must be as loud and as public as the disrespect, and if anyone else has a problem with the champion, well I suggest you come on down. Because everybody wants to be the champ until its time to do champ shit.”

In regards to why CM Punk brought up Adam Page, Dave Meltzer of noted the following during Wrestling Observer Radio

“If you’re wondering about the CM Punk thing at the start of the show with Adam Page… that was weird, for everyone. As in, nobody knew he was going to do that. If you remember months ago when they were feuding, and I said there was a lot of reality to it – well, there’s a lot of reality to it.

So, I don’t know what the deal was, and nobody else does either, but… Punk was supposed to go out there and talk about Moxley and build the match, and he did… after he talked about Adam Page. They may build something from it down the line, but it’s not scheduled for this pay-per-view, and nobody knew he was gonna do it.” (quotes courtesy of