Karrion Kross and Scarlett comment on returning to WWE

Karrion Kross and Scarlett appeared on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast and discussed their return to the WWE…

Karrion Kross: “It’s really hard to find the words. To want something so bad and then to have to accept that’s not the reality anymore, and then to get a call one day, out of the blue, and be offered everything you were striving for. It’s pretty incredible. I remember my first match back on the Indies, after being released, I was worried what was going to happen, going into a small room after working giant arenas in WWE, whether that was going to voluntarily turn on when I heard music, and it did. Even a small group of people in a small venue in Vegas, it turned on and I was like, ‘I still love this.’ It didn’t have to do with the bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors and all the people, I still love to do this and entertain anybody, whether it’s a few people or a few thousand. You magnify that feeling, being in the arena, it was awesome. To see everybody again too, it was a good feeling.”

Scarlett: “It was the easiest decision too. We had talked about, ‘What if we get this opportunity? Where can we do this? This is how we’re going to do thing, we’re going to stick to it. We have to do things on our terms.’ It’s funny when Hunter called us, he was the best boss we ever had. It was a complete no-brainer. No other company has ever compared to it. We trust him, we definitely trust him with our characters and storylines. It’s perfect.”

“Sometimes you feel, as a woman, you feel very shut down or don’t feel comfortable talking to the boss about certain ideas. Hunter is always there, a text away. We just messaged him yesterday with certain ideas and character arcs and storylines. It feels great to have that relationship with a boss who is accessible that way. He loves wrestling, he absolutely loves wrestling and wants to make the best show possible. You feel like you’re in great hands at all times.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)