How allies of Vince McMahon are said to feel about him trying to make WWE comeback

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has reportedly told people that he intends to make a WWE comeback. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed the situation…

“Vince is the majority shareholder. He owns the most voting power. He does not own 50% of the stock, but he does own probably close to 80% of the voting power. If it was a private company, he could be in tomorrow. But because it’s a public company, the Board of Directors have to make decisions, and the Board of Directors, their job is to look out for the company, and they may very well believe – and probably do – that Vince coming back would not be the best thing. Because he left because of these allegations that are public, if he came back, there would definitely be issues with some sponsors, there’d be queasiness. Even perhaps Fox and USA. You’re definitely risking that because, with these different allegations out and the payoffs and stuff like that – it’d be a big, big, big risk.”

“It would be major, major internal upheaval in that company for him to come back. But he’s Vince, and maybe he will. He will certainly try. In itself, just the fact that he’s trying, is gonna be a big, big story. I know allies of Vince – very much allies of Vince and very protective of Vince and things like that – who are not business allies of Vince within that company right now, because they know that it would be the worst thing. And they are very strong allies of Vince. People who you would think are his allies, you don’t know. People are happier in the company, they know the company’s running better, and so the people who are allies or looking at the best interests of the company, they don’t want him back. When Vince was on the rocks, they were allies of Vince, and they didn’t think he was ever gonna go, and they thought he’ll ride it out and it’ll go away. But once he left, the idea of him coming back, I was surprised about a lot of people who you would think are his allies. And personally, I’m sure they are. But as far as wanting him back… I’m sure there’s (some) people that do.” (quotes courtesy of