Details regarding WWE NXT episode being changed because of Mandy Rose situation

As previously noted, Mandy Rose was reportedly released by WWE one day after dropping the NXT women’s title to Roxanne Perez. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed changes that were made to WWE NXT…

“They switched the whole show around because they – what happened was, there was a meeting and Matt Bloom brought to Shawn Michaels, told him what some of the stuff that she’s been putting on her subscription service is. And told Shawn what was there, and Shawn’s immediate thing was, ‘We’ve got to get the title off of her immediately’. Switched around the whole show, got the title off of her.”

“She’s had the subscription service, and it got popular and lucrative, and she went further and further, and the feeling was that she way, way, way crossed the line. And they believe that they had absolutely no choice but to get rid of her.” (quotes courtesy of

It’s believed that the plan was for Roxanne to beat Mandy in early 2023 but Michaels felt they had to rush the title change.