Former WWE star says he met with Triple H at the start of Covid-19 pandemic

During an appearance on That 90s Wrestling podcast, former WWE star Maven talked about meeting with Triple H around the time of the Covid-19 shutdown in 2020…

“Before the world was shut down before the pandemic, I actually travelled to Orlando and met with Hunter [Triple H] and with Albert [Matt Bloom] who is running the developmental down there now. And I was talking to them about maybe doing some announcing stuff. And I did that, and I went there, on March 11th of 2020. And if you remember, in America that’s the day America shutdown [due to the pandemic]. So, you know I never want to turn my back or say no or it’ll never happen. Because I don’t know. I still and will always have wrestling in my blood. I still have wrestling dreams every week. I still have a dream where I’m either putting my boots on or I’m in the ring or I’m getting ready to wrestle somebody, and my love for the business is never gonna leave.”

“I would definitely entertain any opportunity to be back in wrestling in any capacity.” (quotes courtesy of